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Korea - Propolis BIO30 results - oryginalny

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Sent: Saturday, 3 July 2010 2:51 p.m.
To: Annette Rea
Subject: RE: RE: FW: Propolis BIO30? Results

Hello. I'm sorry it took so long I've been so busy with my work.

  1. What exactly was your mother’s diagnoses when she started taking BIO30™ Propolis?
    The doctor said she has contracted pancreatic cancer.it had metasized to liver and lymph.

  2. What was the doctor’s verdict?
    He said that she had only 3 to 6 months left to live.

  3. How did you find out about BIO30™ Propolis Liquid as an anti-cancer remedy? As soon as I heard my mother diagnoses I started to search information about the pancreatic cancer. And I found DR maruta's thesis on the internet.

  4. When did your mother start the cause of BIO30™ Propolis Liquid?
    Right after we found she had the cancer she started with domestic product As it was going to take for a long time to get the product from newzealand.

  5. What was the dose of BIO30™ Propolis Liquid she was taking daily?
    From the beginning she took at least a bottle per day and she is still taking it.

  6. Who prescribed this dose to her?
    I just decided to use that dose. Because I found in the thesis that propolis is not effecitve when tumor is big. My family was very desperate.So at least I wanted to stop the growth of the cancer.That's why she decided to take the exccessive amount of propolis.

  7. Did you keep in contact with Professor Hiroshi Maruta during your mother’s treatment?
    Just one or two times not much. But he kindly gave us his advice about the treatment of cancer.

  8. Did your mother take any other anti-cancer treatment along with BIO30™ Propolis Liquid?
    Actully with propolis she took a lot of supplement such as selenium,cambodian mushroom, ginsang, chlorella capsule, dandellion juice , brown rice juice a lot of tomato ,carret, broccoli, garlic no meat at all.

  9. Did your mother feel any improvement in her health?
    She says that now she feels very healthy.

  10. When did she start feeling better?
    In terms of ulcer and dygestion she started to feel better right after the intake of propolis.

  11. Did her life style improve after s he started taking BIO30™ Propolis Liquid?

  12. If yes, how?
    First of all, in my mother case we found out her pain from the cancer was relived much better and the side effect of chemotherapy is much smaller. it's very important for cancer patients to give psychological confidence they are getting better.

  13. How does she feel now?
    She is totally ok now.

  14. What the recent examinations showed?
    They show her cancer on liver and lymph is totally gone and the size of tumor is less than one-fith of the original one.

  15. What was the doctor’s reaction to the CT scan results?
    He was very suprised he asked about the therephy my mother has been doing.

  16. Did your mother have any interim CT scan results, that showed the dynamics of the progress?
    Yes she has three scan results. First one when she got the daignose and second one after the chemotherapy and the last one which shows her signicant improvement. additional information. Last May she got the daigonoses of the cancer and she started taking all the supplements with propolis, she even stopped her chemotherapy from last August and she only clang to the vegetarian diet, exercise and supplement. I don't think propolis is the only reason for her recovery but my family believes and I believe that propolis is the main factor for her recovery. Because those kind of supplement are also quite common to other patients.So we think that the excessive intake of propolis has something to do with her improved conditions. We only have the first scan result in a C.D . I will transfer that C.D as soon as I get it from my sister.

Jae-woo Choi

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